Drone to 1K Season 1 / Episode 2: Alex Castillo from LA Aerial Image

Alex Castillo from LA Aerial Image shares his journey growing his drone business. He and David cover how he got started and how that’s taken him to where he is today. This has always been a side gig for Alex, but that might be changing since he’s been able to match his full-time income.

This started as a hobby for Alex. Hear about his background and the first way he monetized his hobby. That was before a website or a solid business idea.

It didn’t take long for him to realize that there were a lot of applications, so he started LA Aerial Image, his wife built the website and he started making connections.

Alex shares what type of work is most profitable for him now. It’s an industry that has huge potential and will continue to grow. Be sure to hear about his LA Olympic Committee project and how he has credits on an Amazon prime show.

Find out his top 3 ways to get clients and how he’s been able to provide extra value by educating people about what’s possible.

He outlines 5 different types of projects and how it benefits the client.

The biggest challenges are broken down and explained as well. Being a great pilot is important, and he shares some of the mind-set required for making this a money-making venture.

David asks him for his best advice to someone just starting. His first tip is to be a confident flyer. Tip 2 and 3 cover his business start-up advice.

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