Drone to 1K Season 4 / Episode 1: Jen Allen from Wildwood Media

Season 4 of the Drone to $1K Podcast is officially here!


In this week’s episode, Jen Allen of Wildwood Media tells us all about how she’s used drones to capture aerial photos and videos for her real estate and wedding clients.


Jen has been doing wedding photography and videography with her husband for years, but when the coronavirus pandemic started, the majority of their weddings were rescheduled. Jen has been able to find a new source of income: real estate. She uses her photography and videography skills to capture awesome aerial views, which allow home buyers to get a feel for not only the home they’re considering, but also the area surrounding it.


To hear all about Jen’s journey as a business owner in the wedding and real estate industries, be sure to listen to this episode!


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Audrey Snow-Brine

Audrey Snow-Brine

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