Drone to 1K Season 4 / Episode 10: Danny Elassad from Mole Media and Hoverscape

Danny Elassad from Mole Media and Hoverscape joins us this week to talk about his full-time drone job AND his drone side hustle!


Danny is the chief remote pilot at Hoverscape, where he uses drones to create “digital twins” (extremely accurate, high resolution 3D models) of large structures, like telecom towers and warehouses.


With Mole Media (his own drone company), Danny does drone photography and videography. He’s even had the chance to work with Netflix and TV shows!


To hear all about how Danny uses drones both creatively and analytically, be sure to give this episode a listen.


And if you want a chance to win one of this week’s prizes, don’t forget to play our 2 truths and a lie game: https://dronelaunchacademy.typeform.com/to/L4xJOKdy


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