Drone to 1K Season 4 / Episode 4: Merrill McKee from Northern Perspectives

Merrill McKee from Northern Perspectives joins us on this week’s episode of the Drone to $1K Podcast.


Merrill went from listening to the Drone to $1K Podcast and hoping to someday achieve what our guests have accomplished, to now being a D$1K Podcast guest himself – which means that he now owns and operates his own successful drone business!


During this episode, Merrill tells us all about his aerial photography and videography business, which is based in northern New York.


Since starting his business, Merrill has worked with many clients, including local realtors, a contracting company, a county board. He’s even had the opportunity to create an aerial video of a socially-distanced graduation ceremony for a local high school.


How has Merrill been able to grow and sustain his business (even during the wintertime in northern New York)? Listen to this week’s episode to find out!


Be sure to play this week’s 2 truths and a lie game:  https://dronelaunchacademy.typeform.com/to/amhFEfUO. If you can figure out which of the 3 “facts” about Merrill is actually a lie, you’ll be entered into our weekly giveaway!


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