Drone to 1K Season 5 / Episode 1: Dusty Jolley from Jolley Works LLC

Season 5 of the Drone to $1K Podcast is here!

This week, Dusty Jolley joins us as our first podcast guest of season 5.

Since getting his Part 107 license back in 2020, Dusty has been able to quit his job in insurance (which he was miserable at) so he can pursue 2 of his hobbies: flying drones and welding.

Over the past couple of years, Dusty’s been doing a variety of drone work, including cinematography, mapping, and even FPV.

Aaaand, we’re excited to announce that Dusty is now part of the Drone Launch team in an awesome new role. (We’ll tell you more about it during this episode.)

To learn more about Dusty, some of the cool drone jobs he’s done, and his new role at Drone Launch Academy, listen to this week’s episode!

And if you want a chance to win a Drone Launch prize, don’t forget to play our 2 truths and a lie game: https://dronelaunchacademy.typeform.com/to/NByITabu


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