Drone to 1K Season 5 / Episode 5: Grant Puckrin from 19th UAS Precision

Our guest this week is Grant Puckrin from 19th UAS Precision.

Grant’s drone business started out doing real estate photography and videography.

Now, Grant wants to expand into the agriculture industry.

Growing up on a farm, Grant experienced firsthand the hard work and long hours that farmers put into their jobs. He wanted to find a way to use drones to help them save time and resources.

Grant bought a multispectral drone AND a spraying drone and is waiting on his paperwork to be finalized before he can get started with his crop spraying services.

To hear more about Grant’s drone work, be sure to listen to this week’s Drone to $1K Podcast episode!

And don’t forget to play this week’s two truths and a lie game: https://dronelaunchacademy.typeform.com/to/ZYlImGKT

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