Drone to 1K Season 5 / Episode 7: Pedro Silva from Drone By Dro

Our guest this week is Pedro Silva from Drone by Dro.

Since getting his Part 107 license, Pedro has worked on a variety of drone photography and videography jobs, including construction work, real estate listing photos and videos, and even a video for a hospital that recently did a huge renovation. (The video he created for the hospital actually won an award!)

Pedro’s been able to quit his job as a waiter and focus on building Drone by Dro full-time.

An interesting thing about his business is that since he lives near Washington, DC, he has to request special authorization to fly in the restricted airspace that surrounds the US capitol.

To hear more about Pedro’s business and how he’s been able to get authorization to fly in the restricted airspace around Washington, DC, be sure to listen to this week’s podcast episode!


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