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Drone curriculum created by industry experts and educators

Meet the people that created the Drone Launch Learning curriculum.
David Young, Founder & CEO
David Young is a drone enthusiast and an FAA-certified Advanced Ground Instructor.

He has been tested and approved by the FAA to help students take and pass their FAA knowledge exams, such as the Unmanned Aircraft exam required for the Remote Pilot Certificate (what you need to fly drones commercially).
Sarah Lewis, Curriculum Developer
Sarah Lewis is a certified Secondary Education and Career and Vocational Tech Teacher.

Holding a Master’s degree in Workforce Education and Development, her expertise bridges the gap between technology and education, equipping students with crucial drone operation skills for the modern
job market.
“It walked the students from the very beginning, trying to learn the mechanisms or the STEM requirements, allowed them to get really hands-on and it provided in such a way that it wasn’t so overwhelming, allowing the weeks to be broken down, each week there was a task or there was a subject that was discussed, one week at a time.”
-Keith Pritchett, Arab High School

Ready to see how drone curriculum could look for YOUR classroom?

An interactive, fun curriculum for 
your students!

Our drone curriculum is a carefully constructed, comprehensive course designed to engage and empower students at every step. Here’s a closer look at what your students will get when they enroll in our drone program.
HD Video Lessons

Our contains over 3 hours of HD video lessons, taught by expert instructors who are leaders in the field. They’ll guide your students through every aspect of drone technology, with clear, easy-to-understand instructions.

Practical Flight Exercises

Our curriculum includes a series of flight exercises that will provide your students with real-world experience in flying drones. They’ll practice different maneuvers to become proficient with manual flight, learning the ropes from the ground up.

Hands-On Module Exercises

At the end of each module, students will apply what they’ve learned through practical exercises designed to reinforce their knowledge and skills.

Comprehensive E-Textbook

Students will have access to a 190-page e-textbook packed with valuable information, diagrams, and practical tips to deepen their understanding of drone technology and its applications in the world today.

FAA Exam Preparation

The curriculum is designed to fully prepare each student to take and pass the FAA’s Part 107 Remote Pilot Exam. This certification is needed to operate drones for commercial use in the United States and will set them up for a world of professional opportunities.

Module Quizzes

To assess comprehension and knowledge retention, quizzes will follow each module, reinforcing the concepts taught and evaluating the students’ grasp of the material.

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