Black Friday 2021 Deals

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Right now, you can get:

The full Drone Business Mastery program for nearly 70% off

All of our other courses for 50% off

AND our mini courses for just $1!

Drone Business Mastery (Full Program)

(normally $1,595, now just $499)

The Drone Business Mastery program is your complete guide to starting and building a successful drone business.

The program is made up of 5 courses, which each focus on a different aspect of entrepreneurship. You’ll learn how to:

  • Plan and prepare to start your drone business.
  • How to build a strong online presence so you can build credibility and find potential clients.
  • Set up your business’s “back office”, including establishing a business entity, setting up your business bank accounts, bookkeeping, filing business taxes, and finding the right drone insurance plan for you.
  • How to network, build relationships, and pitch your services to land more clients and close more deals.
  • How to use Google Ads to find clients and scale your business.

This program will teach you everything you need to know to confidently build your very own drone business!

FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Exam Prep Course

(normally $199, now just $99.50)

Want to use your drone to make money?

Whether you’re using your drone to make some extra money or you’re using it as part of your job, you need a Part 107 license to fly your drone commercially.

Our FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Exam Prep Course will teach you exactly what you need to know to take and pass the FAA’s Part 107 Exam on your first try — guaranteed.

Plus, if you enroll during our Black Friday sale, we’ll also throw in our Part 107 Flashcards (normally $39), ebook (normally $39), and audiobook (normally $49) for FREE.

(normally $49, now just $24.50)

If you’re new to drones, Drones 101 will be your guide to the drone industry, how drones work, and even how to fly them!

Drone Launch Academy founder David Young will teach you about the different applications that drones are being used for, the components that make your drone work, and flight exercises that you can use to practice your drone skills.

Aerial Photo Pro

(normally $199, now just $99.50)

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to capture and edit amazing drone photos (like the ones you see on Instagram), this course will show you how.

You’ll learn from Alex Harris, a professional photographer, videographer, editor, and commercial drone pilot. He’ll show you the exact process he uses to create stunning aerial photos.

(normally $397, now just $198.50)

In this course, you will learn how to shoot and edit professional-looking drone videos that will wow your friends, family, and clients.

The course is taught by Alex Harris, a professional videographer and editor who has had the opportunity to work with big names like ESPN, HGTV, and Pitbull.

Alex will teach you the exact settings to use, as well as tips and tricks that he has learned during his career.

Aerial Roof Inspection Pro

(normally $499, now just $249.50)

Drones are changing the way that roof inspections are done. Drones are making inspection work easier, safer, more efficient, and more accurate.

In this course, roofing and solar industry pros Sinuhe and Riley will walk you through the entire process of conducting a roof inspection with a drone.

After going through this course, you’ll know exactly how to use your drone to collect roof data and create an accurate report for your client — even if you know nothing about roofs right now!

Solar Roof Inspection Pro

(normally $99, now just $49.50)

Because solar companies are also using drones to conduct safer roof surveys, we created this course, which teaches you exactly how to survey a roof for solar panels with drones.

Sinuhe Montoya, solar pro and cofounder of DroneQuote, will show you the entire process of inspecting roofs and presenting clients with a quote for solar panels.

(Aerial Roof Inspection Pro is a prerequisite for this course because you’ll build on the knowledge and skills you learned in ARIP.)

(normally $99, now just $49.50)

Thinking about start a drone business? This is a great place to start.

The Drone Business Foundations course will help you plan and prepare to start your drone business.

You’ll learn how to prepare your mindset for starting a business, the “Success Equation,” how service businesses grow, how to allocate your time, and how to choose a drone niche.

Powerful Online Presence

(normally $299, now just $149.50)

Having a strong online presence is crucial in helping you build awareness, connect with clients, and ultimately land more jobs.

In the Powerful Online Presence course, you’ll learn exactly how to create a logo, a website, social media profiles, a Google My Business account, and a strong portfolio. You’ll also learn the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO), which will help you to rank higher in Google searches.

All of these things will work together to build your online presence.

(normally $299, now just $149.50)

In the Drone Business Back Office course, you’ll learn from industry experts that will show you how to set up your accounting and bookkeeping software, file business taxes, and find the right drone insurance policy for you and your business.

Once you complete the course, you’ll know exactly how to organize and run your “back office” systems so you can keep your business operating smoothly.

Landing Dream Drone Clients

(normally $499, now just $249.50)

Finding clients can be tough. That’s why we partnered with 6 successful drone pilots to create this course, which will teach you tried and proven methods of finding clients and landing jobs.

You’ll learn how to network and connect with prospective clients through phone calls, emails, handwritten notes, presentations, and industry groups/events.

You’ll also learn how to reach out to decision makers who are looking for real estate, construction, and thermal imaging drone services.

(normally $399, now just $199.50)

Google Ads are a great way for your business to get the attention of people who are searching for drone services.

Google Ads and digital marketing expert Dan Hindley (who actually does all of Drone Launch’s Google Ads) will show you how to create effective Google Ads campaigns that will help you get more leads and land more jobs.

Mavic Mini 101

(normally $49, now just $1)

In the Mavic Mini 101 course, you’ll learn all about your DJI Mavic Mini drone.

Jorge Casamiquela, our curriculum development and support manager, will tell you everything you need to know about your drone’s features and functions. He’ll also walk you through flight exercises that you can use to practice your flying skills.

(normally $49, now just $1)

In Mini 2 Mastery, you’ll learn how to set up, use, and fly your DJI Mini 2 drone.

Drone Launch Academy’s curriculum development and support manager, Jorge, will teach you all about your drone’s features and capabilities. He’ll also show you flying exercises that you can practice so you can become more confident in your drone flight skills.

Remember... these deals end Cyber Monday (November 29th) at midnight eastern time. So don't wait to enroll!