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What's included with a Drone Launch Connect membership?

Access to Drone Launch Live 2023

*Included free with annual membership!

Ready for a unique drone conference and networking opportunity? Drone Launch Live will be just that. You’ll have the opportunity to meet fellow drone enthusiasts and industry experts, learn new skills, and more.

Access to all workshops on an unlimited basis.

When you join Drone Launch Connect, you’ll get access to ALL of the workshops listed above.

Industry Groups inside of the community

We have industry groups dedicated to various drone niches, like real estate, photography and videography, FPV, mapping and modeling, and more.

Bi-Weekly Expert Q&A Sessions

Ever wished you could ask your drone questions and get answers right away? Now you can. We ask experts from the drone community and beyond to host these Q&A sessions so you can get detailed and accurate answers.

Members-Only Discounts on Drones and Accessories

Since we’ve been in the drone world for a while now, we can get exclusive discounts from drone and accessories venders. And we want to pass those discounts along to YOU.

Discounts on ALL Drone Launch Academy courses

In addition to all the workshops you’ll get access to, you’ll also get discounts on all of the courses on our website.

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Workshops taught by industry experts

$1,300 worth of workshops with a addition of 12+ workshop in 2024

When you join Drone Launch Connect, your membership will include unlimited access to ALL of these workshops.

Drones 101

Explore drone basics and flying techniques.

Mavic Mini 101

Master Mavic Mini features and flying skills.

Mini 2 Mastery

Learn Mini 2 drone usage and DJI Fly app.

Part 107 Airspace Study Workshop

Prep for Part 107 Exam with airspace insights.

How To Get Airspace Authorization

Gain authorization near LAANC and non-LAANC airports.

Intro To Drones In Agriculture

Use drones for agriculture mapping and business.

Organic Social Media Growth For Your Drone Business

Optimize content, hashtags, and monetize on social media.

Utilizing Nonverbal Communication In Your Drone Business

Understand nonverbal cues in professional settings.

Establishing Your Digital Presence

Create a website and establish online presence.

Drone Business Foundations

Essential knowledge before starting a drone business.

Landing And Working With Real Estate Video Clients

Land real estate clients with effective strategies.

Landing Real Estate Clients Through Instagram

Build relationships and find clients on Instagram.

Landing Construction Clients

Network and succeed in the construction industry.

Getting Clients For Thermal Inspections

Succeed in thermal inspections with the right approach.

How To Price Your Drone Services

Set competitive prices and determine your pricing model.

How To Take Project Progression Shots

Capture and analyze progress shots for projects.

Utilizing A.I. In Your Drone Business

Leverage artificial intelligence for business operations.

Search And Rescue: How To Find People With Your Drone

Use drones for quick search and rescue missions.

Maximizing Intelligent Flight Modes On DJI Drones

Maximize popular flight modes on DJI drones.

Cinematic Breakthrough: Flying And Filming That GETS VIEWS

Master smooth flying and filming for captivating footage.

Color Grading Your Drone Photos - From Raw To Radiant

Enhance drone photos with effective color grading.

Color Grading Your Drone Videos - From Raw To Radiant

Turn drone videos into stunning aerial footage with color grading.

Community Walk Through Tour

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