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Digital Ads For Drone Businesses

We’ve all seen online ads. They reach millions of people every day.

If your drone business isn’t leveraging the power of digital ads, you’re missing out on  clients.

But… figuring out how to create a digital marketing strategy that actually works can be difficult if you don’t:

So, you could try to do some research about digital marketing and online ads...

But trying to learn the ins and outs of paid ads on your own can be confusing and frustrating.

You could go the route of hiring an expert who could just do it all for you. However, working with a digital ad agency can be extremely pricey.

What if you could get access to straight-forward, easy to understand information?

Information that you need to know about Google Ads AND access to an ad pro that will teach you how to apply that information to your own business?

The Google Ads For Drone Businesses course will give you just that.

Google Ads For Drone Businesses

This course will teach you everything you need to know to have success with Google Ads.

The course is taught by Google Ads expert Dan Hindley, who has been working in the advertising world for over 15 years. Dan will share his knowledge with you so that you can leverage his experience to help your own business attract new leads and land more clients.

You’ll learn:

You’ll also get:

Meet Your Instructors:

David Young, Founder and Chief Instructor

David is the founder of Drone Launch Academy. He holds an FAA Private Pilot Certificate and is also an FAA-certified Advanced Ground Instructor. In the past few years, he has grown Drone Launch Academy into a 7-figure business.

Prior to starting Drone Launch Academy, David also had a consulting business where he landed big clients like Google and other startup clients, helping them with accounting and data analysis. He’s started multiple businesses over the years, which has given him firsthand insight and knowledge about building a business from scratch.

David is also a Certified Public Accountant. He’s had the chance to teach over 18,000 students (and counting!) all about drones. David will teach you all about starting your very own successful drone business.


Dan Hindley, Guest Instructor, Google Ads

Dan has been working in the digital marketing world since 2005. He is currently the director of Right Shout, a marketing and advertising agency. Dan’s 15+ years of experience have given him the opportunity to work with many businesses, large and small (including a number of businesses in the drone industry), where he’s managed over $30 million dollars in advertising spending on Google and Facebook (including managing almost $1 million of Drone Launch Academy’s advertising budget over the years).

Dan will teach you all about Google Ads, which will help you reach potential clients that are looking for the services you provide. Having run many successful Google ad campaigns in the drone industry, Dan is the perfect person to learn from!

Course Curriculum:

Digital Marketing and Paid Advertising for Drone Businesses
Core Knowledge of Google Ads
1 - Introduction to Google Ads
2 - Why, What Is and Benefits of Google Ads
3 - How Google Ad Campaigns Work
4 - How Search Ads Work, Flow and Structure
5 - Keyword Match Types and Negative Keywords
6 - Search Ads Format and Ad Extensions
7 - Location Targeting
8 - SKAG Campaign Structure
9 - Bidding Strategies
Live Campaign Setup Walkthrough
1 - Introduction
2 - Setup Campaign and Conversion Action
3 - Setup the Tag
4 - Google Ads Editor-Introduction
5 - Google Ads Editor: Settings Groups and Keywords
6 - Google Ads Editor-Expanded Text Part 1
7 - Google Ads Editor-Expanded Text Part 2
8 - Google Ads Editor-Editing Sitelinks and Location
9 - Google Ads Editor-Uploading and Monitoring Campaigns
10 - Google Ads Dashboard-Introduction to Monitoring Ads
11 - Google Ads Dashboard-Tracking Keywords
12 - Google Ads Dashboard-Understanding Search Terms
13 - Final Questions and Comments
Google Ads Optimization
1 - Introduction
2 - Troubleshooting Code On Website
3 - Location Settings
4 - Your Quality Score
5 - What If I Don't Get Enough Clicks?
6 - What If I Don't Get Enough Conversions

Don’t waste any more time missing out on hundreds (or even thousands) of leads.

The Google Ads For Drone Businesses course will teach you exactly how to create Google ads that will help potential clients find your business online.

You’ll be gathering leads and landing more jobs in no time.