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Landing Dream Drone Clients

Landing clients. It’s a crucial aspect of any business

If you want your business to succeed, you’ll need to have clients. 

But how do you get them?

But don’t simply ask yourself, “How do I land clients?”

You need to think, “How can I gain the trust and respect of my dream clients so they’ll want to hire me every time they need a drone pro?”

So how do you gain the trust and respect of your dream clients?

By doing quality work and building strong relationships with the people in your industry and community.

In the Landing Dream Drone Clients course...

5 successful, 6-figure drone pros will tell you how they’ve used various outreach and networking tactics to gain new business connections and land crucial jobs.

Not only will they tell you how to meet people and grow your clientele, but they’ll also share with you their EXACT outreach messages, emails, presentations, pricing guidelines, and more.

These industry professionals will give you the tools and information you need to expand your network and start landing jobs with the clients you’ve always dreamed of working with.

In the Landing Dream Drone Clients course, You’ll learn firsthand from these experts...


Cody Retlich, Guest Instructor, 6-figure drone business owner

Cody is the founder and owner of Midwest Aerial Productions, a drone company that specializes in videography, photography, UAV mapping, 3D models, and thermal imaging. He quit his sales job at an IT company to pursue his drone business full-time. Within his first year of full-time work, he made six figures. He’s built his own business from the ground up.

Cody will share his experiences and advice with aspiring drone entrepreneurs.


Dominic Wilkerson, Guest Instructor, 6-figure drone pilot

Dominic is in the real estate industry providing photography, videography, and virtual tour services. His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal the New York Times.

Dominic will teach you tips on building professional relationships, as well as showing you how he built his business almost EXCLUSIVELY through Instagram.


Jeremiah Oschwald, Guest Instructor, 6-figure drone business owner

Jeremiah is the owner of a 6-figure business, Beard House Media, that specializes in real estate video tours. He also owns Overland Pioneers, an outdoor lifestyle marketing company.

Jeremiah will teach you about working in the real estate industry, breaking into the market, and landing clients.

rut copy

Rut Patel, Guest Instructor, 6-figure drone business owner

Rut owns Voyager Industries, a company that uses drones to provide asset management and inspection services for energy, agriculture, and infrastructure companies.

In the Drone Business Mastery program, Rut will teach you about the benefits of using drones in the construction industry, how to network with construction decision-makers and close deals, and how to provide them with deliverables that will help them keep their projects on track.

jeff copy

Jeff Carrillo, Guest Instructor, 6-figure drone business owner

Jeff owns Tarillo Vue, an aerial photography and videography company, as well as IR Aerials, a company that specializes in thermal imaging inspection services.

Jeff will tell you all about how to succeed with drone thermal imaging. He’ll teach you how to conduct thermal inspections with your drone, how to create an end-product that will provide the maximum benefit for your clients, and how to network and grow your business.

Course Curriculum:

Introduction To Landing Dream Drone Clients
Networking, Outreach, and the Free-to-Paid Strategy
1 - Introduction
2 - About Guest Instructor: Cody Retlich of Midwest Aerial Production
3a - Free-to-Paid Strategy (1 of 2)
3b - Free-to-Paid Strategy (2 of 2)
4 - The Power of Reciprocity and Playing the Long Game
5 - Identifying Warm Leads
6a - Refresher on Businesses and Industries Positioned for Drone Use (1 of 2)
6b - Refresher on Businesses and Industries Positioned for Drone Use (2 of 2)
7a - How to Reach Out to Warm Leads (1 of 2)
7b - How to Reach Out to Warm Leads (2 of 2)
8a - Cold-ish Leads Approach (1 of 2)
8b - Cold-ish Leads Approach (2 of 2)
9a - How to Follow Up (1 of 2)
9b - How to Follow Up (2 of 2)
10 - Utilizing Community Blogs, News Sites, and Local Social Media Accounts
11 - Trading Services
12 - Networking Events, Industry Groups, and Business Card Strategy
13a - Active Outreach (1 of 2)
13b - Active Outreach (2 of 2)
14 - Driving for Dollars
15a - WCWEAC Method (1 of 2)
15b - WCWEAC Method (2 of 2)
16 - More on "Why are you reaching out?"
17 - Outreach Methods: Instagram
18 - Outreach Methods: Phone
19 - Outreach Methods: Email w Loom
20 - Outreach Methods: Handwritten Notes (High-touch)
21a - Mock Outreach Phone Call (1 of 2)
21b - Mock Outreach Phone Call (2 of 2)
22 - Pricing Considerations
23 - Agreements
24 - Proposals
25 - Deliverables
Landing and Working with Residential Real Estate Clients (with Jeremiah Oschwald)
1 - Introduction to This Section
2- About Our Guest Instructor: Jeremiah Oschwald of Beardhouse Media
3 - What Matters in the Real Estate Industry
4 - What Matters Most to Real Estate Agents
5 - How to Break In and Where to Start
6 - Secret Weapon: Join This Organization
7a - Example Presentation to Give to Real Estate Agents (1 of 2)
7b - Example Presentation to Give to Real Estate Agents (2 of 2)
8a - Pricing (1 of 2)
8b - Pricing (2 of 2)
9 - How Jeremiah Does Final Product Delivery
Getting Clients Through Instagram (Dominic Wilkerson)
1 - Introduction
2- About Guest Instructor: Dominic Wilkerson
3 - Relationship Building Principles For Real Estate
4 - Be Patient, Not Pushy
5 - Common Real Estate Industry Complaints (and How to Overcome Them)
6 - Why Does Instagram Work?
7 - What to Show On Your Instagram
8 - Dominic's Hashtag Strategy
9 - Targeting and Engagement for Best Results
Landing Construction Clients (Rut Patel)
1 - About Our Guest Instructor: Rut Patel
2- Drones In Construction: Benefits And Use Cases
3 - Required Knowledge And Equipment
4 - Deliverables And Pricing
5 -Who Are The Players You Need To Know
6 - How To Network With Construction Decision-Makers
7 - Knocking On Doors
8 - Getting On A Construction Site
Getting Clients For Thermal Inspections (Jeff Carrillo)
1 - About Our Guest Instructor
2- What It Takes To Succeed
3 - What Equipment Do You Need
4 - What To Do After You Get Your Certification
5 - More Ways To Grow In The Industry
6 - Overview Of The Industry
7 - What Your End Product Will Look Like
8 - Inspecting Walls And Facades
9 - Who You Need To Know In The Industry
10 - Insurance Claim And Dispute Process
11 - Bridge Inspections
12 -LinkedIn Outreach
13 - Events And Conferences

These experts have successfully grown their own drone businesses. Now, they want to help you succeed, as well.

That’s why they’re sharing their inside tips and advice about scaling a drone business so that you, too, can build a profitable business.

The Landing Dream Drone Clients course is packed with helpful and practical information and tactics that you’ll be able to apply to your own business:

If you want to start landing your dream drone clients, this course will help you get there.

Ready to get started? We’ll see you inside the course!