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These are just a few examples of what you’ll be able to create when you join Post-Production Pro…

Everybody wants to have awesome looking drone footage. We wanted to put a short demo reel together to show you the kinds of videos you’ll be able to put together if you go through our new Post-Production Pro course (click here to check it out).

Also, ALL of the raw video clips from what you see above (plus a TON more 4k drone footage) comes with the course for you to use to make awesome looking drone videos that you can show to prospective clients.

One of the biggest parts of winning new business is them believing that you can deliver what they want. And if you don’t have proof of work that appeals to them, you can kiss your chances of the job goodbye. Don’t let that be you.

The course is only open till tomorrow (Fri, 5/25/18) at midnight, so now is your chance to get in.

Like I’ve said before, we aren’t exactly sure when we will be opening this course back up again, but when we do it will definitely go up in price and be more expensive than the $79/mo for 3 months that it is now.

So click here and sign up for Post-Production Pro now!

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Drone Launch Academy has helped over 40,000 drone pilots learn how to fly drones, pass the Part 107 Exam, and learn the skills they need to start making money with drones.

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