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If you love drones, you’ve probably heard about DJI’s newest drone, the Mavic Mini.


The Mavic Mini’s Features

The most obvious feature of the Mavic Mini is right in the name: it’s small. How small? Weighing in at just 0.55lbs, it’s so compact that it can fit in the palm of your hand! In fact, it’s so light that it doesn’t even need to be registered with the FAA (unless you’re flying it for commercial reasons, of course).

But, don’t be deceived by its size. According to DJI, this little drone is packed with some amazing technology to make your drone flying experiences enjoyable and memorable:

  • It can transmit HD video from up to 4 km away.
  • It has a max flight time of 30 minutes.
  • It has a vision sensor.
  • It has GPS Precise Hover technology.
  • It has a 2.7K camera on a 3-axis gimbal.
  • It allows for simplified recording and editing.

Before using this drone, you can download the DJI Fly app, which will allow your phone to act as the controller’s screen.


The Price

You can purchase it from DJI’s website for $399. Or, if you’re interested in the Mavic Mini Fly More Combo—which includes 3 intelligent flight batteries, 3 pairs of spare propellers, 2 micro USB cables, 18 spare screws, and more—you can get it from DJI for $499.

For $399, this drone is a great deal for recreational drone users.


The Pilot

The Mavic Mini’s features make it easy to fly—which means it’s a great choice for beginner drone operators.

And if you’re a drone junkie who loves to travel, this drone is for you, too! Since it’s so light, it’s easy to take along on your travels. And, because of its features, you won’t have to sacrifice getting quality aerial photos and videos while exploring amazing places.

In fact, Jorge, our student support manager, is currently travelling in Thailand and he took a Mavic Mini along with him to capture the sights! Although he ended up learning that Thailand has very strict drone policies (which means that he can’t fly it there), he is very impressed with this tiny drone: “It can literally fit in your pocket, and it’s stability is incredibly impressive for its size.”

Even if you don’t do a ton of traveling, but you just have to have the newest and greatest drones, we’d definitely recommend the Mavic Mini for recreational use. You really can’t go wrong with this drone—it has everything you need, all wrapped-up in a tiny package.

Jorge says: “Essentially the Mavic Mini is a Phantom 3 Standard that fits in your hand! Now this could be good or it could be bad depending on what you plan to use the drone for. It is not quite suited for commercial work, and if you’re going to make money off flying drones, you might as well make the short upgrade to the Mavic Air or Mavic Pro. However, this is the perfect travel companion if you’re going to be making travel vlogs.”


What’s next?

Whether you decide to go with the Mavic Mini, or you choose a different drone, learning how to take amazing aerial photos and videos is a must (in our opinion)!

Check out our drone photography and videography courses to learn how to shoot and edit stunning drone photos and videos!

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Aerial Video A to Z

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