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In case you missed it, we recently hosted an aerial videography contest!

There were over 140 submissions and we narrowed it down to our favorite 8 videos. Then, it was YOUR turn to vote for your favorites.

The voting took place on our Instagram page and our community of drone lovers decided the winner!

We won’t reveal the winner quite yet, though, so you can have an opportunity to scroll through all 8 finalist videos and see if you can guess who the winner was!

So, without further ado, here are the 8 finalist videos of the Drone Launch Aerial Videography Contest 2020!

Alex Arkeilpane

Instagram: @arkeilfunk

Interlaken, Switzerland

DJI Mavic Pro

“This is one of my favorite drone clips because it captures a feeling of freedom. It shows how small humans really are compared to nature, yet also shows how we have the power to conquer some of life’s biggest challenges.

Climbing mountains has always been such a literal way to showcase accomplishment in my mind.”

Derrick McDuffey

Instagram: @drone_innovation

Lansing, Michigan

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

“Our state building has been a beacon of many protests through the Covid 19 Pandemic.”

Jackson Gould

Instagram: @headwestaerial

San Louis Obispo, California

DJI Mavic Air 2

“I was driving up the 101 on the way to big sur when I spotted a bunch of zebra’s just hanging out in a paddock by the side of the road!”

Chase Gensheimer


Brantingham, New York

DJI Mavic Air 2

“This video was taken in my favorite place to visit in the world… Brantingham, NY. The subject is my favorite person in the world, my wife.

Since I bought my drone 2 years ago, I have been dying to capture this exact video, and I am happy to have finally realized that dream! Enjoy!”

Michael R. Bradley

Instagram: @michaelrobertbradley

Briksdal Glacier, Olden, Norway

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

“Walking back from our Azamara Journey Crew Excursion to Briksdal Glacier, I saw this ledge about 100 feet up. My friends all continued on to the bus, but I decided to run up and capture some footage on my own.

I had extremely limited time and in my rush, I forgot to press record! So I had to choose. Do I stay and capture more footage, or just walk back to the bus?


I stayed an extra 10 minutes, capturing this magnificent shot, which has now become my new Production Company’s business card, and artistic inspiration for our logo.

Don’t worry, I made it back to the bus, but I fully had to SPRINT. Never so many confused looks from dozens of strangers before…

I only wish the massive scale of this glacial valley could be better shown. I am 100ft up. The bottom most tip of the glacier is 400ft, and the mountainous walls surrounding me are THOUSANDS of feet above, towering like a giant cathedral.

It was by far the most magical experience of my entire trip. THANK YOU NORWAY!!!”

Ime Umoh

Instagram: @ahmay_ahmoo

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

“This video was taken last year, August 2019, on the Island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.

This was my first time to the BVI and I was super excited to use my Mavic 2 Pro for the first time near such beautiful water.

Let’s just say that I’ll let the footage speak for itself!

I’m so happy that I was able to capture such beauty from this perspective and I cannot wait to go back and show more of the BVI!”

Frank Bellantoni

Instagram: @westchesterdroneops

Croton Gorge Park, Croton on Hudson, New York

DJI Mavic Pro

“This was taken in December of 2019. It has always been something I wanted to capture using a drone.

After exploring the possibilities of starting a drone-based business locally, I wanted to capture one of the most iconic sites in our county. I figured the middle of the winter would be best, with less people opposed to a spring or summer day. So my now business partner and I set out to get video and images of this waterfall and luckily it was flowing.We were able to capture the falls on a freezing cold day in the early part of winter.

We hope to go back and capture more soon without having to thaw out after.”

Bret Desh

Instagram: @deshfpv

Papillion, Nebraska

iFlight Megabee V2 Cinewhoop, GoPro Hero 8 (5º angle)

“I wanted to find something to shoot that was dynamic, with lots of movement and activity. I could think of no better place than a CrossFit Gym.

This was the 4th take. The athletes put in some work and the footage came out amazing!”

So, who's the winner of the contest?

Alright, so you’ve seen all 8 finalist videos.

Did you pick your favorites? Are you ready to see if your top videos were chosen as the winner and runner-up?

And the winners are…

Runner-up: Frank Bellantoni​

Instagram: @westchesterdroneops

Croton Gorge Park, Croton on Hudson, New York

DJI Mavic Pro

You all voted and chose Frank’s awesome aerial video of Croton Falls as the runner-up, which earned him a $100 Amazon gift card!

First place: Ime Umoh

Instagram: @ahmay_ahmoo

Tortola, British Virgin Islands​

DJI Mavic 2 Pro​

The Drone Launch community crowned Ime’s stunning video of the views in Tortola, British Virgin Islands as the winner of the Drone Launch Aerial Videography Contest 2020, which means that he was also the winner of the $200 Amazon gift card grand prize!

We want to thank everyone who participated in the contest and say a huge congratulations to our 8 finalists!

Wishing you had the chance to participate in the contest?

Well, you’re in luck… we’re planning to host another aerial videography contest THIS FALL (as in a couple of months from now)!

If you’ve got some aerial videography skills up your sleeve, we hope that you’ll submit a video when we announce the contest.

If you’re new to aerial videography (or have no experience at all), you can still participate! We even have a whole course dedicated to drone videography that will teach you everything you need to know to film and edit professional-looking aerial videos that will stand out against the competition.

If you’re interested in learning from a pro aerial videographer, you can check the course out here!

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