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After going through Aerial Roof Inspection Pro, you already know how to conduct aerial roof inspections like a pro (hence the name!).

But are there more drone opportunities out there that you’re missing out on?



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*According to the Solar Energy Industries Association.

There is an industry for drone pilots that may be even more niche and lucrative than roofing, and that’s solar.

With many home and business owners looking for alternative, more cost-effective sources of energy, the solar panel industry has seen tremendous growth.

Right now, roofing and solar companies across the country are looking for drone pilots to assist them in accurately designing and installing solar panel systems.

Because of the industry’s rapid growth, roof inspection and solar panel design skills are in high demand.

When you think of traditional roof surveying methods (which are used to plan effective solar panel installations), you probably think of a roofing pro going up a ladder and walking around on a roof.

But, there are many problems with this method. Here are some of the biggest ones:

If only there was another way…

Actually, as you probably already figured out, there is.

Drones are transforming the solar industry.

They’re providing a safer, faster, and more cost-effective alternative to sending solar pros up onto roofs to conduct solar surveys.

If you are a Part 107-licensed pilot, your opportunities in the solar industry are huge.

As the demand for solar panels continues to increase, solar work presents a great career path for drone pilots across the country and even the world.

But how do I even learn how to do something like that? It seems difficult.

Actually, it’s not as difficult as you may think.

There is a process that you have to learn and follow, but, the good news is: once you’ve done that, your drone and inspection software will do the rest of the work for you!

And, the even better news is: you already know the fundamental knowledge that is necessary to conduct aerial solar surveys.

Seriously. Aerial Roof Inspection Pro prepared you for this very course!

Are you sure I’m qualified to do something like this? Inspecting roofs and designing solar panel systems sounds like something you’d need years of experience to do…

If you know how to fly a drone and conduct aerial roof inspections, you can do this!

Like we said before, the drone and software will do the leg work for you. All you need to do is learn what data to collect and follow the inspection process.

So how do I learn how to conduct aerial solar surveys?

Introducing Solar Roof Inspection Pro

Your comprehensive guide to designing and installing solar roof systems.

Hi, I’m Sinuhe Montoya, the instructor for Solar Roof Inspection Pro.

Years ago, I was a solar panel salesman.

A few times each day, I would climb up on my ladder, inspect roofs, and then give my clients quotes for solar panel installations.

I was working hard to make sales, but I wanted to do more than just sell solar panels.

I wasn’t sure how to get there, though…

Until I found drones.

I had heard about drones and their many applications. So, I decided to buy one and see what all the hype was about.

Once I started flying it, I realized that drones could be a huge help to me at work. If I could use my drone to take photos and measurements of roofs instead of physically climbing up there to do it myself, I could save a lot of time and effort. Not to mention that I’d be way safer on the ground than up on the roofs!

So, I did it. I started using my drone to inspect roofs and document damage.

And let me tell you…

It was a game-changer for me.

Many times, it saved me from having to go up on the roof at all.

It helped me make more money, too.

Because the photos and measurements that I was able to collect with my drone were so accurate, it eliminated the possibility of human error. I no longer needed to worry about mis-measurements or missing things, altogether.

I was able to provide my clients with more accurate quotes. (And they thought that the drone was really cool and innovative!)

AND, I was actually able to upsell my clients on things that I may not have caught without the comprehensive images of the entire roof that my drone could capture.

Now, I’m my own boss.

Using the experience that I have had in the roofing and solar industry, I cofounded a business that specializes in conducting roof inspections and solar surveys.

I can tell you firsthand that this industry needs more experienced drone pros (like you!) to help conduct safe aerial solar surveys with drones.

Maybe you’re like me…

Or maybe you’re nothing like me…

If you don’t have a background in the solar industry, don’t worry.

You’ve already learned all the essential information about roofs (the different types of roof, how to detect and address damage, how to conduct a roof inspection, how to create a roof report, and more) in the Aerial Roof Inspection Pro course – if you haven’t already gone through the Aerial Roof Inspection Pro course, you’ll need to through that course first so you’ll understand everything we talk about in this course!

No matter what your background is in, Solar Roof Inspection Pro is designed to teach you how to successfully plan and complete solar roof inspections, as well as design and install solar panel systems.

I want to help you succeed.

I’m sharing my roofing and solar knowledge with you so that you, too, can have success with planning and installing solar roof systems!

When I thought about what insights would be the most helpful for you, I realized that the most important, comprehensive thing I can teach you is my personal solar survey process.

So that’s exactly what we centered the course around!

Over the years, I’ve developed and perfected a system that I follow every time I conduct an inspection.

Instead of spending years of time, effort, and money perfecting your inspection process, this course will show you my exact process, which you can start implementing immediately.

Like I said, the process I use has been tried and proven (many, many times) to be a successful method for completing accurate, detailed solar surveys.

So, what will I learn in this course?

In this course, I’ll walk you through the exact process that I use when conducting solar roof inspections.

We'll cover:

Once you complete the course, you’ll be able to:

After going through the course, you’ll understand the exact process of conducting solar inspections and installations.

You’ll be able to add solar skills to your resume and will have a new career path opportunity.

In fact, my company, DroneQuote, is actually looking for new drone pilots across the country.

Once you finish this course, you will have an immediate job opportunity with DroneQuote.
(You can learn more about this employment possibility in the course.)

How much are drone solar surveyors making?

Let’s talk money. We mentioned before that the solar industry presents a great opportunity for drone pilots. But just how much could you make conducting solar surveys?
the average price I charge per residential survey
$ 0

If you land just 1 solar surveying job after completing this course, you’ll make back every penny you invested in the course AND MORE.

That’s a

return-on-investment if you land just ONE job
0 %
This course is a smart investment if you’re serious about learning how to survey homes for solar panels.

If you’re ready to learn exactly how to conduct drone solar inspections, enroll now to get started!

How do I know if this course is for me?

In order to enroll, you’ll need to have first completed our Aerial Roof Inspection Pro course.

It’s also important to know how to fly and operate a drone. If you don’t have experience flying drones yet, be sure to check out our Drones 101 course, which will teach you about drones and how to operate them.

Solar Roof Inspection Pro isn’t for you if:

Solar Roof Inspection Pro is for you if:

So, does Solar Roof Inspection Pro seem like a good fit for you and your interests?

If yes, click the button below to enroll!

If not, no worries. We hope that you will go through our other courses and reconsider Solar Roof Inspection Pro in the future!

Meet Your Course Instructor (... Again)

Sinuhe Montoya

Course Instructor

Hi again! As I explained above, I will be your instructor for this course.

You probably remember me from Aerial Roof Inspection Pro, but here’s a quick introduction anyways.

I am one of the founders of DroneQuote, a company that helps roofing and solar companies get comprehensive aerial views of roofs by using drones.

I’ve had years of experience in the solar and roofing industry and I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Here are some of the most common questions about the course…

What if I don’t know anything about roofing and solar panels?

No problem! Our Aerial Roof Inspection Pro and Solar Roof Inspection Pro courses will teach you everything you need to know!

If you haven’t enrolled in and completed our Aerial Roof Inspection Pro course, you’ll need to do that first in order to fully understand the Solar Roof Inspection Pro course!

Is this course entirely online?

Yes! All of our Drone Launch Academy courses are completely online. We find that online courses are the most convenient for everyone’s different schedules. PLUS, with our courses, you get lifetime access!

How long will I have access to the course?

Forever! Seriously. Like we mentioned above, once you enroll in this course, you will have lifetime access. This way, if you ever need a refresher on any of the information within the course, you can jump back in and brush up on your knowledge. Or, if you get busy and can’t complete the course right away, no problem – it’ll be here whenever you have time to come back to it.

Do I need a Part 107 license to enroll in this course?

While you don’t have to have a Part 107 license to enroll, we strongly recommend getting one since you will need to have a Part 107 license to fly your drone commercially. Essentially, you really won’t be able to start landing jobs and making money until you pass the Part 107 Exam and get your Part 107 license.

If you need to get your Part 107 license, our FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Exam Prep Course can help!

additional questions?

If you still have questions about the course, please feel free to send us an email at and we’d be happy to help!

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What if I don’t like the course?

While we hope that you love the course, we don’t want you to feel like your investment wasn’t worth it.

That’s why we offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

If you’re not happy with Solar Roof Inspection Pro or if you don’t feel like it lived up to your expectations, please let us know and we will give you your money back!

Now that you know this is a risk-free investment, what are you waiting for?

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