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From Pharmacy Tech to Drone Pilot with Vikash Mahadeo

Drone Launch Podcast - Episode 4

Today’s Guest – Vikash Mahadeo of Birds Eye Ariel Drones – Orlando How Vikash got started. He already had an interest in photography and RC so using drones to take photos was a great combination of his interests. First drone was a Dromeda Ominus, which had FPV (first person view) capabilities. Seeing in real time was …

Making Money with Drones on the Side w/ Vinny Garrison

Drone Launch Podcast - Episode 1

I am very excited to bring you the first ever episode of the Drone Launch Podcast!  Our goal with the podcast is to bring you awesome interviews and information about how to take your drone business to the next level.  Like everything Drone Launch does, our mission is to give you the knowledge and tools …