We’ve Been Selected to Advise the FAA for the Recreational Drone Use Knowledge Test


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The world of recreational drone use is taking a step towards a safer future.   Currently, commercial drone users must pass the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) knowledge exam, commonly known as the Part 107 exam, to earn their remote pilot certificate. Up until this point, there has been no required exam for recreational drone operators—but that’s all about to change.   If you’re a drone junkie who likes to keep up with the latest drone news, you may remember that in 2018, a law was passed—the FAA’s Reauthorization Bill—that will soon require recreational drone operators to take and pass a knowledge test regarding safe drone use.   A recreational drone knowledge test is in the works, and we’re very excited to announce that Drone Launch Academy, in partnership with Southeastern University, have been selected to advise the FAA in the process of developing standards for test administration!   While the FAA has decided that a recreational knowledge test will be beneficial to all parties involved, it is still undecided about what requirements should be in place for those who wish to administer the test—which is why they put out an RFI (request for information) a few months ago. We genuinely love the drone industry and we want to make sure that your best interests are accounted for in this decision-making process. So, we responded to the RFI and have recently received a response from the FAA that they would like our input as they brainstorm test implementation requirements.   Our founder, David Young, is in Washington, D.C. this week to meet with FAA officials to discuss what should be necessary for an organization to be deemed eligible for test administration. They are discussing testing regulations such as age requirements, cost, and test administrator requirements.   Again, we are honored to have been chosen for such an exciting opportunity to share our knowledge and collaborate with the FAA and others to determine requirements for administering the recreational drone use knowledge exam. We can’t wait to hear all about David’s trip and update you on his experience visiting the FAA in Washington, D.C. Stay tuned!

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